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Personalized, Empathetic Legal Services for Bankruptcy and Debt Relief

If you are facing bankruptcy, it’s important to work with an attorney who helps you navigate bankruptcy law so that you can find the best debt relief solution for you, and start the next chapter of your life on the right foot.

At The Law Firm of Alexandra Lopez, P.A, we understand the stress and even embarrassment that often come with filing for bankruptcy. But we firmly believe that there should be no embarrassment in restructuring your debt. Bankruptcy is meant to be a tool to help you rebuild your financial life. With empathy and compassion, we will help you use this tool to take back control of your finances and step into a brighter future.

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Experienced Estate Planning Guidance

In addition to our bankruptcy services, we also offer estate planning services for those seeking to create a will or trust. We can help you identify a plan that meets your needs, and we will help you bring it into being so that you can rest assured that your affairs are in order no matter what the future brings.

Learn More About Our Bankruptcy and Estate Planning Services

No matter what your specific circumstances, the first step toward a resolution is to speak with an experienced attorney. At The Law Firm of Alexandra Lopez, P.A, we will help you understand your options and make a plan to take control of your finances and put yourself on a path to long-term stability.

For those in need of estate planning services, we will likewise lay out the best options to address your needs, and help you take swift action to get a thorough estate plan in place by creating a will or trust, as well as any other estate planning services you need.

To schedule an appointment, call 305-874-7301 or send us an email. From our office in Miami, we represent clients throughout southern Florida and the Florida Keys, including Broward, West Palm Beach and Monroe counties.

We proudly offer bilingual legal services in English and Spanish. Se habla español.

We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.